Stress Test


Stress Test2

Stress Test

Assessment of stability and future ability to withstand the crisis and even in case of unforeseen scenarios, compared with the current insurance situation.


Integrable and modular services.

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Reference Business Lines:


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    Stress Test per Property

    Stress Test for Property

    • Exclusive innovative approach Action – AlfaCincotti.
    • Performed by Senior Loss Adjuster.
    • Derived from archival sources (events actually occurred in companies similar to the target company in terms of activity and size – source: AlfaCincotti archive).

  • FINANCIAL (Indirect Losses)

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    Stress Test per Financial

    Stress Test for Financial

    • Objective economic, financial, technical and regulatory guidance to eliminate areas of uncertainty about the expected value of the Indemnity or Compensation.
    • Improvement of the real perception of risk.
    • Raising the level of objectification of the real economic and financial needs following the occurrence of an event.
    • Opportunity to optimise the company’s insurance portfolio.


The Stress Test Service

Thanks to the Company Stress Test, the entrepreneur and management receive precise indications and effective solutions: solutions that can turn the crisis into an opportunity or changes in the scenarios into a positive eventuality to strengthen their position in the market.

It also eliminates uncertainties about expected indemnity/compensation value by providing guidance on policy adequacy.