The Expert Testimonials for C.A.R. and E.A.R. policy contracts Service

A product of experience, the Expert Testimonial cannot be thought of as a Commodity; rather, it is a strategy that is implemented through years of experience alongside Policyholders/Insureds and Insurers.

It is a sworn expert appraisal equipped with photographic documentation and any graphic work that faithfully reproduces the state and conditions of the places.

Produced and designed for the following situations:

  • Among the parties involved before an intrusive work in such a way as to preserve memory of the situation “ante operam” and consequently exclude the possibility that damage caused in the course of execution may be unjustly presented as already existing before the start of the work.
  • Between the parties concerned, or by only one of the parties, before the transfer on loan for use or lease for a long period of time of an asset or an area in order to have it returned as given at the end of the period.
  • To “photograph” the reality of the place or of the individual building so as to leave a memory in the future of the current situation.