How Action supports Intermediaries

Companies today no longer position themselves in the market as pure insurance policy vendors, but as providers of comprehensive risk management solutions.

This helps to understand the importance of Risk Management for insurers specialized in industrial risks. When insuring complex risks with significant exposures, the policy is itself complex and “tailor-made” and therefore cannot be a “commodity”.

The identification and quantification of risks is just as important for insurers as it is for policyholders/insureds. With a high level of exposure and complexity, insurers cannot afford to rely on luck. A scientific approach is needed to identify the frequency and scale of exposures and to ensure that all significant exposures have been identified.

Avoiding claims or reducing their financial impact when they cannot be avoided is a common objective between insurers, policyholders, and shareholders and policyholders’ stakeholders.

Alternative risk transfer techniques are also a very important factor, not only because they can further reduce risk volatility, but also because they help to build a real partnership in “bearing” the insured risk together.